Fax this completed form to:(217) 696-2802

Or Mail to: Chapman Pet Programs 1951 Hwy 61 * Loraine, IL62349

This form must be completed by the registered user and include an actual signature.


Entire form must be completed! (Please use Bold Pen or Felt Tip Marker)


1) First and Last Name of Registered User:________________________________________________


2) Address: _______________________________________________________________________


3) City, State and Zip:_______________________________________________________________


4) Phone: _________________________________


5) What program and version do you need a new code for? _________________________________

(Example: E-Z KENNEL PLUS v6.1)


6) What is the new 5 digit System ID on the programís registration screen? ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

(The new System ID # is located on the top of the screen where you are asked to enter the registration code. The number will NOT be the same as before.)


7) Please circle the version of Windows you have?†† Win XP†††† Win Vista†††† Win 7†††††Win 8


If installing on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8:

Special instructions must be completed to stabilize the system ID on Windows Vista or 7 before a registration code will unlock the software. Please contact us or visit our website for more info and instructions before submitting this form. We donít guarantee compatibility of all software with Vista and 7


8) If you have Vista, 7 or 8 on your PC have you followed the Vista instructions and made sure your System ID is stable (the same every time you open it)?†††Yes†††††No

(If you are not sure please call before submitting this form).


9) Please circle the reason for requesting a new code:†††† New PC††††† Different PC††††††† Repaired PC


If Repaired please explain the reason for repairs: ________________________________________




10) Where would you like for us to send your new registration code?†† (Enter Below)


Fax to: __________________________ E-Mail to: _________________________________________

(OR, You may call (217) 696-2551 during office hours to get your new registration code once we have received this form.)


My Signature below serves as verification that:

I understand that I may only use the software on one computer for my own records unless I have purchased the appropriate licenses to use it on a Home Network sharing a single data file containing my records. Anything else is considered illegal use of the software.

I also understand that Persons found to be using this form to obtain registration codes for illegal use of this software will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as stated within the software.


8Registered User's Signature: ______________________________________Date:____/____/____

An Actual Signature is required.